2016 Agenda


08.00am  Registration & Coffee


09.00am  Welcome Remarks from MEP Middle East

Yamurai Zendera – Editor, MEP Middle East


09.20am  Opening Remarks from Conference Chair

Darrel Strobel – Managing Director, MEP Engineering, KEO International Consultants


09.30am  Panel Discussion: The Payment Predicament

As with any rapidly-growing market, the GCC is facing challenges that can negatively affect their growth rate. One such challenge is the culture of late payment in the construction sector, the consequences of which are multi-fold. From project delays, to shortened deadlines and constant alterations of specifications, can cause contractors and subcontractors to absorb crippling costs. As contracts in the GCC commonly provide a high level of risk transfer to contractors, it is clear that the matter needs to be addressed but what are Governments doing to ensure that contracts are clear to mitigate the risk for contractors? This panel will explore the impact of delayed payments on the MEP industry, and discuss potential solutions to the payment predicament.

Moderator: Darrel Strobel – Managing Director, MEP, Engineering, KEO International Consultants

Riad Nashif, Executive Vice President; Middle East – Managing Director; U.A.E & Oman, AECOM

Subhash J. Pritmani, Vice President, SEMCO

Chris Seymour, Regional Development Director, Mott MacDonald

Robert Mitchell, Managing Principal Engineering, Ted Jacob Engineering Group

A R SureshKumar, General Manager- Projects & Corporate Business Development, VOLTAS Ltd.



10.15am  Presentation: Dispute Mitigation & Resolution

Following on from the ‘payment predicament’ that the construction industry is facing, disputes relating to major construction projects rose exponentially last year and will continue to rise if the current issues with contracts and payment are not addressed. It is essential to ensure that dispute mitigation procedures and contracts are administered correctly. This session will explore the ways to manage the risk of disputes and the best way to address them when they do arise.

Scott Lambert – Regional Head of Construction & Infrastructure, Al Tamimi & Company


10.40am  Morning Break & Refreshments


11.20am  Panel Debate: Women in MEP

This panel will explore the role of women in the MEP industry in the Middle East, how women add value in design and construction firms, why women’s unique perspectives and skillsets add financial muscle in management decision-making, how gender bias hurts performance and how to design policies that signal a firm’s sustainable commitment to diversity.

Moderator: Jane Boyle – Consultant, PM/CM International - Sustainability, KEO International Consultants

Rana Itani – Senior Building Physicist, Ramboll

Irene Montserrat – Senior Building Physicist, AECOM

Bushra Anwar – Principal Electrical Engineer, Building Services, SSH


12.00pm  Presentation: Electrical Distribution System Design

Careful design of electrical distribution systems in buildings can deliver safe and efficient operation and at the same time minimise costs by avoiding wasteful oversizing. Poor design can lead to: wastage of materials, shock hazards, fire risks, unscheduled outages, etc. Examples will be used to highlight the pitfalls of ‘rule-of-thumb’ methods as compared to using software specifically designed to produce consistent results to a recognised standard. Conversely, benefits associated with the use of software and not available using manual methods will be highlighted.

Roy Hughes – Senior Engineer, Trimble


12.25pm  Panel Discussion: Opportunity for Change

The GCC’s construction industry is facing many challenges and in response to the oil price drop, many projects are on hold and budgets are being tightened. However, the current ‘crisis’ as such, can be seen as an opportunity to step back and reassess projects and strategies in order to maximise profitability in the long-term. From sourcing different funding options for long-term infrastructure projects, to taking the time to up-skill staff, there are numerous ways to combat the construction lull. This panel will look at how the MEP industry can use a slower market as an opportunity for change.

Moderator: Darrel Strobel – Managing Director, MEP Engineering, KEO International Consultants

Reid Donovan – Regional ME Director of MEP, Arcadis

Nicholas Lander – Director of Sustainability, Expo 2020, CH2M

Nathan Cartwright – Head of MEP, Partner, Godwin Austen Johnson Architects (GAJ)

Viktor Bisovetskiy – Country Manager, Interpipe

Chris Seymour – Regional Development Director, Mott MacDonald


13.00pm  Lunch & Networking


14.00pm  End of MEP UAE Conference