Investment Services

Our broad range of powerful Wealth Management & Investment services is designed to perfectly fit every individual wealth creation goals.

Investment-based retirement planning
A secure retirement plan gives great peace of mind and confidence in the future. The Certified Wealth Manager will help structure a solid financial plan that ensures that our customers’ portfolio meets their particular retirement objectives.

Wealth protection
By understanding every financial need, we can help our customers explore investment alternatives that will best protect their existing wealth.

Borrowing to invest
Borrowing to invest, or gearing, can be a powerful means to build wealth. It allows increasing the ability to create wealth by enabling a higher level of investment than would otherwise be possible.

Wealth transfer & Portfolio consolidation
Our wealth management solutions go beyond geographic boundaries to accommodate wealth transfer facilities giving direct access to customer wealth, helping them to consolidate their portfolio under one account for easy access and transfer.

Succession planning
If required we can also help you with the many aspects of succession planning; from assisting, to maximizing legacy for future generations via introduction to Trust services.