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The Systems Integrator of the Year Award honours excellence and innovation in the delivery of IT solutions to end-user customers in the enterprise or SMB segment.

In 600 words or less (total) please explain why the company deserves to win this award incorporating the following in your answer:

  1. Describe and list any innovative IT projects your company implemented in 2014 in KSA
  2. Give examples of new innovation or technology solutions that the company developed or brought to market in the past year?
  3. Supply details of any problems or challenges that were successfully overcome in 2014
  4. What are some of the achievements that have contributed to the overall development of the business during the past year?


Nominations are not based on votes but on the quality of one single nomination per category/company. Judges will take into consideration entries that utilise the full word count.

Entry submissions may be accompanied by supporting documentation, such as testimonials, references and published articles. These should be collated into a single PDF document and e-mailed to

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