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Every year we expect that more and more start-ups will close their fundrasing rounds, hoping that the deal size will also increase signalling more confidence among the industry players to support new business ventures. The Funding Initiative of the Year nominees will be judged on the amount of money raised, how the team will use this money to grow their business, and how their investors will help them in their endeavour.

Please explain in 500 words or less why the nominee deserves to win this award.

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  104. Very inspiring post. I love the idea of a TO BE list. I definitely have a plan that I put in place for myself each year (not resolutions) but I’ll also admit that sometimes I find my days are overtaken with the urgent but not important. As you say, living with intentionality is so very important and it’s only since becoming a mother (with no spare time!!!) that I’ve come to value making each day count and using my time wisely towards my higher purpose. For me, journaling and having a morning devotional practice where I can “check in” with myself has really helped to keep me focus.

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